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Once upon a time there was a Weiss Kreuz fan named dragonladyrm. Over and over she found herself in conversations with friends and others on LJ who were equally obsessed with WK and WK-fandom, discussing points of trivia such as 1) where was the sleeping space in the van in the Crime/Punishment OAVs; 2) where was the bathroom located in the Koneko or did the guys live in suites (each with its own toilet and running water); and 3) did Eszett have any links to the Knights Templar? (And 4) what is the proper way to spell that?)

One day in May, she found herself making a series of comments in her own LJ with several others. While laughing about the errors rife in WK (as all humor-minded fans do) she explained the concept of "The No-Prize", encountered long, long ago in Marvel Comics. In finding a gaffe made by an artist or writer, readers would write to the editor pointing out this mistake. However, the True Believers would also include an explanation for the mistake, making it not a mistake but an intentional event, wink wink nudge nudge. If the explanation was satisfactory, the reader was awarded a "No-Prize": nothing was ever mailed, only the satisfaction of knowing you had contributed to the richness of your fandom was granted.

With very little urging from chainedinbeads, this community was born.

-- Er, it's all my (DLRM's) fault, not beads. Hunt me down, not her. This is a community to discuss the oddities seen or heard in Weiss canon, with an eye to "correcting"/explaining them. My fond hope is it will make the writing of WK fanfiction both easier and more believable. Wonder where the guys bunked in the van? Or how they fit all those flowers and themselves in the van overnight? Or maybe you're wondering how Ken fit his mission outfit under the gal's clothing in episode 1 of Kapitel? Well, here's your chance to ask and maybe get an answer for that!

It's for Weiss, Schwarz, Eszett, and any groups or peoples appearing in canon. Its aim is not to discuss fanfic, but fanon can be used when making an explanation for some strange events. (Others have discussed these things before us: why not incorporate their research into our own? -- But give credit when possible. Those fans put a lot of work into their research, not mention they suffered through the pain of repeatedly viewing poor animation. Pity them and give them kudos for their hard work. On the other hand, if you don't know where you read it, say so.)

Please limit oddities to one per post. There's lots of land to mine here; no need to get confused with several different comment threads when we can break each topic into its own post.

Also, feel free to share links to pages where canon is corrected and outlined. I certainly intend to!

-- dragonladyrm, 1 May 2005

P.S. I'm moderating at least until I get a feel for the tone of the community. I'm not looking for a wank blog; I want to discuss these things in a reasonable tone, leavened with a bit of humor, and thought others might like to do the same.