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I admit, the recent LJ Staff post RE inactivity prompted this post. That said,
- I still like WK. (But am fighting the good fight at work, sigh.)
- Thought I'd put out a fresh call for fresh blood, or at least fresh thoughts.

In return, I offer you this, one-half of a 'no-prize', a "no" without the "prize": if WK is set first in Tokyo, then in and about Japan, why is there no siesmic activity depicted?

Don't know if this is just WK at fault or all anime and manga. Is anyone familiar with any anime or manga that depicts earthquake activity in an episode/volume, or makes reference to one? (Other than Urotsukidōji, and um, bless you for making it to the flashback sequence, if you know what I'm referencing. Yeah, that's me whistling innocently. I have a streak of curiosity strong enough to revive a whole clowder of cats, even one made of florally inclined assassin kittens.) Can't take credit for coming up with this one by myself; I have to blame the volume of "Batman: Cataclysm" the sibs gave me for Christmas one year.

-- Oh! I have a joking answer, okay, make it two:
1) Nagi is just SO good, he's exerting unconcious control on the earth's crust.
2) Schuldig is busy making everyone forget it happened ('earthquake? what earthquake?').
3) Wait! A third answer: Crawford can predict them, and master manipulator that he is, subtly guides the action elsewhere.

What do you think?

(And yes, apparently I channel Schwarz more easily than Weiss. Again, sigh.)
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