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to anyone still listening...

... Apologies. Didn't mean to let this community sit alone for so long. So:

- If anyone wants membership but 1) didn't receive a response and 2) is still watching this community, please re-click to submit a fresh request. (Still have the old ones but am not sure if y'all still want in. A re-application will let me know you do.)

- And thoughts? Hm. Recently picked up my notes-in-progress on "Weiss" vs. recent history of Japan, trying to mesh the two together. (Because dang it, they really do give a real date on the newspaper in the first episode of Kapitel.) Does anyone have recommendations for reading material on 'modern' Japanese history? And oh yeah - if the reading material is a book that starts in the immediate post-war period, I'm still interested. I've got a plot puppy teething in my head that starts in the mid-1960s but has its roots in Occupied Japan. *whistles innocently*

(And it's a "plot puppy" because have you ever dealt with a teething young dog? They chew on anything and everything they see. *sighs*)
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