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er, the anthropologist in me ran away with that ceremonial-ritual line, didn't it?

so I'm having an issue over a major plot point in Kapital.

*pauses until the laugther dies down*


okay, so I'm trying to polish out a bit of a fic and I realized I have some time lag written into the story that is set between episodes 24 and 25 of Kapital. Except, I'm not really sure if there is time lag there.

24 ends with Farfarello kicking the shit out of Birman and Omi and stealing Aya-chan, while Ken and Yoji fight Schu up in Aya's room, while Aya is out being taunted by Crawford. The final scene are the elders preparing for the ritual.

25 starts with news coverage of the riots and chaos that have broken out in Japan. Then we see Weiss in the mission room looking over plans for the island where the ritual is to take place. So, somehow, they got the plans. In episode 24, they had no idea where this was. They had finally found out (again, how???) where Aya-chan had been kept in preparation of the ritual, but they find the place deserted, thus it's not the island. So, persumably, they don't know where the island (and Sakura) is. Yet somehow, at the start of 25, they do.

Also, at the end of 24, both Omi and Birman are badly injured. Yet, at the start of 25, Omi is doing just fine and is ready to go on a mission. But Birman is still badly injured. Because of Birman, one would think there's no time lag at all between 24 and 25. the setup of the ritual confirms this.

but on the other hand, Omi's suddenly okay, there's chaos all over Japan, and Weiss somehow now knows where Eszett is holding their ritual, despite the fact that Birman can't get in touch with any other members of Kritiker.


any ideas? is there or isn't there a time lag between 24 and 25? Is it the same night, or different nights? is it a time difference of minutes, hours, or days? any ideas.
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