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hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to the "WK No Prize" community!

You may have noticed I have a tendency to discuss the minutae of Weiss Kreuz. I've been caught discussing
* weaponry: what gauge wire does Yohji use in his watch?
* floor plans: how many bathrooms in the Koneko, or were there four self-contained suites?
* sleeping arrangements: how did Weiss bunk in the van in the Crime/Punishment OAVs?
* organizations: was Rosenkreuz an offshoot of Eszett or an independent entity?

If you've pondered these topics or others like them, please join. It's recognized by most Weiss Kreuz fan that ours is a fandom where canon is rife with errors: why not try to explain them away? Sure, Aya and Ken don't need to reload their weapons, but has anyone caught Omi or Yohji doing that? (ainbthen did!) Or want to try to explain how the various cabinets in the OAVs' van rearranged to form bunks? Or do you think futons were rolled out each night?

Curious yet? If you don't feel like sharing a "why the heck does..." topic or proposing an explanation yet, why not lurk for a bit?

Oh, and the name is explained on the user information page, along with the two rules so far:
1) one topic/issue per post, please (but post as often as you like)
2) no wanking - I'll be moderating membership initially

Thanks to chainedinbeads for the nudge to start this and paxnirvana for showing me others do remember and know what a "No Prize" is.
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