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update on Yohji's tattoo

HEY! Yes, this community is still alive, thankyewverymuch, through no fault of its owner, who, yes, is currently prostrating herself on the carpet and salaaming for all she's worth, asking that you forgive her unworthy self for not poking about here sooner. (And if "sessha" had a better translation into English - well, she'd be using that, too. *grins*)

Yohji's tattoo was discussed in an earlier post on this community, but thanks to *cough*the community owner getting off her duff*cough* and some lovely artwork by hungry_worm I thought I'd repost this topic. (And yes, I'm hoping people will remember this community exists and start posting here as well. It's not my personal hobby horse, people; anyone in the community can jump on and take it for a ride, too. -- Sheesh, but I love odd metaphors! *grins again*)

1) Started as a discussion in rzyna' LJ
--> http://www.livejournal.com/users/rzyna/106826.html
2) Original community post here
--> http://www.livejournal.com/community/wk_no_prize/1670.html
3) Artwork by hungry_worm
--> http://www.livejournal.com/users/hungry_worm/110713.html
in case you like me wanted a better view of the tattoo in question (and much MUCH thanks to San for sharing her lovely artwork and research with LJ at large!)

And I know I discussed this topic with someone over IM (instant messaging) but I can't remember who or when, thus cannot find the file in question to share the pertinent parts here. It is with a very red, very embarrassed face I ask the other party in the chat to say "Hey you doof, it was ME!" and then I can search the related chat files. (Because yes, I was planning a story on Yohji's past and so had to invent a past relating to the tattoo, but have I unpacked those notes yet? nooooo...)

So -- thoughts? Alternate explanations? New questions you want to throw into the mix? All are welcome, and more: jump in! (Please!)
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