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community scope and a topic

Clarification of community's purpose:

It's okay to post even if you don't have a fix for the problem you find. I started this community to discuss issues such as the van in Crime/Punishment with the aim of finding (*coughs*inventing*coughs*) a logical solution for them. If you post "only" a problem that's been bugging you, that's fine. If you post obscure info you think might answer a problem that could be bugging others, that's good too. I wanted to start with something easier like Yohji's watch, but 1) I'm wiped and 2) others have already been talking on the van issue so why not discuss it now?

The issue(s): how did Weiss fit in the van?
* How did the furniture fold, collapse, rearrange to make living space?
* Or was it NOT living space? (Note that chainedinbeads has already posited they use Japan's version of the YMCA for showers and sleeping. Can someone confirm there's an organization or buildings/groups that fill the same function as the Y but is located in Japan?)

Any suggestions are welcome, of course, but so is additional data. If you know of places where there already were discussions involving facts, please throw a link up here or over in rzyna's earlier "explain the van" post.

The Holy Grail for this would be the artists' diagrams of the van -- if they exist. I've learned never to say "they don't exist" in Weiss-dom; I've been surprised before, so I'm asking now. Anyone know if they exist? And if so, any links or even vague memories of what they look like?

Data and earlier thoughts on this:
* ainbthen has gathered screenshots of the van in Crime/Punishment here;
* rzyna has already started a "explain the van" post here;
* and there's another, earlier discussion here (my LJ, where beads suggested they shower at the Y).

Some points to remember about proposed interior arrangements for the van:
* Toilet facilities. If they do live in there, it means there's a toilet and possibly a shower. If there's a toilet, they need a sewer hookup and/or a waste tank.
* Shower. If there's a shower there's a water tank. They already need water for the flowers so if they shower, the water tank will have to be larger. -- Though I find it difficult they have enough for showers for four guys, so if there are showers, they need to park the van and hook up the water lines. (Why yes, I live in a community where there are large groups of tourists, including those in RVs. Why do you ask?)
* Sleeping arrangements. This is where "rearrange the furniture" comes in. I've already seen it suggested in fanfic they have bunks (viridian5's Weiss stories "Reason" and "Girl") or futons they roll out at night (scribblemoose's story Reckless). Still, I think they need to get the table out of the way at least. What do you think? Any ideas about what happens? Murphy beds come out of the walls? The table raises/lowers to merge with the couch to make a sleeping platform?
* Kitchen. We see Yohji hunting in the fridge for a beer and I think there's space enough for a microwave, but what about pots and dishes? We only saw convenience foods, I think; to cook meals requires a place to store both ingredients and cooking equipment. Of course they could live on takeout. *grins* This issue isn't a "make or break" point for arguing they live in the van, but I wanted to throw it out there. (Expect to see more kitchen-related discussion when someone brings up the Koneko interior, though, mwhahah.)
* Clothes. Joking "they're cartoons so they only need one outfit each" aside *winks at beads*, they would need several changes of clothes at least and a place to store the mission gear.
* Mission gear. Sure the weapons and clothes wouldn't take up too much space, but what about all those fanfic that say they work out in the van, too? Your thoughts on this? Mine are they could do some working out at area gyms, but IMHO I think they'd need/want to get in some weapons practice as well, and if they have any brains they'd want privacy for that. (Make your own jokes here, something about "they don't have brains, they think floristry makes a good cover for assassinations.")
* Parking. IMHO, surely they'd need permission to park to do business during the day, then would move somewhere else for the night. Where I live there are RV parks where you stay the night and get electricity, water, and sewer connections, but the RVs are parked fairly close so that say, you could see someone leaving in a white trenchcoat and oddly-long duffle bag that might contain a katana... And now I'll counter my own argument and say they could rely on Kritiker connections (an Underground Railroad of Kritiker?) for both business parking arrangements and overnight parking arrangements.
* The business. How do they restock? Buy from wholesalers? That Kritiker connection again? Are part of a franchise? (And if so, where can I buy in? *grins* Yeah, instead of Subway, the hot franchise in Japan is flowers -- ah, I can see Schwarz retiring and opening up their own flower shop -- NOT! But sheesh, imagine it: flowershops across the land, all staffed by hot former (and some still working) assassins...

Um, I think that's it for now. Feel free to correct me on that, though.

Yohji's watch post later in the week when I've gathered my notes.
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