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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
8:39 pm
shaking things a little
I admit, the recent LJ Staff post RE inactivity prompted this post. That said,
- I still like WK. (But am fighting the good fight at work, sigh.)
- Thought I'd put out a fresh call for fresh blood, or at least fresh thoughts.

In return, I offer you this, one-half of a 'no-prize', a "no" without the "prize": if WK is set first in Tokyo, then in and about Japan, why is there no siesmic activity depicted?

Don't know if this is just WK at fault or all anime and manga. Is anyone familiar with any anime or manga that depicts earthquake activity in an episode/volume, or makes reference to one? (Other than Urotsukidōji, and um, bless you for making it to the flashback sequence, if you know what I'm referencing. Yeah, that's me whistling innocently. I have a streak of curiosity strong enough to revive a whole clowder of cats, even one made of florally inclined assassin kittens.) Can't take credit for coming up with this one by myself; I have to blame the volume of "Batman: Cataclysm" the sibs gave me for Christmas one year.

-- Oh! I have a joking answer, okay, make it two:
1) Nagi is just SO good, he's exerting unconcious control on the earth's crust.
2) Schuldig is busy making everyone forget it happened ('earthquake? what earthquake?').
3) Wait! A third answer: Crawford can predict them, and master manipulator that he is, subtly guides the action elsewhere.

What do you think?

(And yes, apparently I channel Schwarz more easily than Weiss. Again, sigh.)

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Monday, February 26th, 2007
11:44 pm
to anyone still listening...
... Apologies. Didn't mean to let this community sit alone for so long. So:

- If anyone wants membership but 1) didn't receive a response and 2) is still watching this community, please re-click to submit a fresh request. (Still have the old ones but am not sure if y'all still want in. A re-application will let me know you do.)

- And thoughts? Hm. Recently picked up my notes-in-progress on "Weiss" vs. recent history of Japan, trying to mesh the two together. (Because dang it, they really do give a real date on the newspaper in the first episode of Kapitel.) Does anyone have recommendations for reading material on 'modern' Japanese history? And oh yeah - if the reading material is a book that starts in the immediate post-war period, I'm still interested. I've got a plot puppy teething in my head that starts in the mid-1960s but has its roots in Occupied Japan. *whistles innocently*

(And it's a "plot puppy" because have you ever dealt with a teething young dog? They chew on anything and everything they see. *sighs*)

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
10:18 pm
10:07 pm
Question about Knight
Does anyone know what Knight's real eye color is? He appears to be another one of those that have different colors for the anime and the manga. Any clues as to the official color?
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
1:31 am
Why does Rex tell Mamoru Weiss is probably dead?
So I was watching the end of Glühen again today when something struck me. (Stop now if you wish to avoid spoilers, though the big ones are behind the cut.)

In episode 12, when Ken and Mamoru are in the helicopter with Crashers, Mamoru calls Rex on his cell phone and tells her that he and Aya are okay but Ken is badly injured and Yohji is missing. But in episode 13, Rex and Mamoru are alone in a car when Rex tells Mamoru that no one has heard from Weiss since their last mission so it's probably safe to assume that they're dead. Sure, it might be safe to assume that Yohji's dead, but Rex should know that Ran and Ken are still alive (especially Ken--she made his hospital arrangements!). Judging by Mamoru's later conversation with Knight, Kritiker's official position on the matter is that the members of Weiss are all dead, but Mamoru knows that at least two of them are alive, and Rex knows he knows, so why would she pretend, in a private conversation, that they're not?
my thoughtsCollapse )

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Sunday, August 7th, 2005
5:34 am
update on Yohji's tattoo
HEY! Yes, this community is still alive, thankyewverymuch, through no fault of its owner, who, yes, is currently prostrating herself on the carpet and salaaming for all she's worth, asking that you forgive her unworthy self for not poking about here sooner. (And if "sessha" had a better translation into English - well, she'd be using that, too. *grins*)

More info on Yohji's tattoo, plus the 'older' discussions, linkedCollapse )
Monday, June 13th, 2005
6:29 pm
What is the chance of Aya having met Schuldig before Aya's parents deaths and possibly dating him? Possibly as part of a plan on Schwarz' part.
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
12:02 am
Omi's birthday: how can it be 29 Feb 1981?
Started in a previous post, moved to its own thread per community rules.

In my previous 'birth years and Zodiac animal signs for Weiss Kreuz three assassin teams' post, murasakisilver pointed out
"If the characters' ages are current as of the pilot episode, Omi was born on February 29 in a year that didn't have one," 1981.

How could Omi have a birthday of Feb. 29 in a non-leap year? One possibility...Collapse )
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
5:10 pm
Friday, May 6th, 2005
10:23 am
Yoji's tattoo
Me once again, raising a new issue this time. I actully brought this up in my own journal yesterday, and then moonriddler_mim reminded me of this community. Silly me, I guess this community is still so new that it didn't occur to me to go here.

while it's not exactly a continuity or how did they possibly do that issue, it is one of those things that is essential to one of the major characters, and yet never gets explained (which is not necessarily a bad thing, I like that we're given some opportunity to formulate our own opinions in this case), so I hope that this is an appropriate question to raise here in this community.

So, the issue at hand is Yoji's tattoo. I sort of rambled as to my thoughts about it--significance, meaning, when exactly he got it, was it all at once or in parts, etc;? and just asked for opinions. I'm curious to see what other people think about it.

here's a link to the post made about the issue

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
9:37 pm
community scope and a topic
Clarification of community's purpose:

It's okay to post even if you don't have a fix for the problem you find. I started this community to discuss issues such as the van in Crime/Punishment with the aim of finding (*coughs*inventing*coughs*) a logical solution for them. If you post "only" a problem that's been bugging you, that's fine. If you post obscure info you think might answer a problem that could be bugging others, that's good too. I wanted to start with something easier like Yohji's watch, but 1) I'm wiped and 2) others have already been talking on the van issue so why not discuss it now?

The issue(s): how did Weiss fit in the van?
* How did the furniture fold, collapse, rearrange to make living space?
* Or was it NOT living space? (Note that chainedinbeads has already posited they use Japan's version of the YMCA for showers and sleeping. Can someone confirm there's an organization or buildings/groups that fill the same function as the Y but is located in Japan?)

Any suggestions are welcome, of course, but so is additional data. If you know of places where there already were discussions involving facts, please throw a link up here or over in rzyna's earlier "explain the van" post.

The Holy Grail for this would be the artists' diagrams of the van -- if they exist. I've learned never to say "they don't exist" in Weiss-dom; I've been surprised before, so I'm asking now. Anyone know if they exist? And if so, any links or even vague memories of what they look like?

links to earlier discussions of the vanCollapse )

And points to ponder as you come up with a solution.Collapse )

Um, I think that's it for now. Feel free to correct me on that, though.

Yohji's watch post later in the week when I've gathered my notes.
11:44 am
I was commenting over in ainbthen's journal over her latest post regarding the trailer and had a brilliant, although wacky, idea.

Enough of you around these parts are gamers that you'll understand the reference:

well, you know the concept of the Bag of Holding???

I think the trailer can offically be known as the "Trailer of Holding."

it's the only possible explanation.
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
8:55 pm
Kapitel links
Here are some of the Kapitel links I've accumulated. Of course there are other good ones I've not listed; these are from my "I want to chase down some obscure bit of trivia on Kapitel" bookmarks.
for those wanting to chase the obscure bits online...Collapse )
6:34 pm
How are Aya's hospital bills taken care of?
Does Aya work for Kritiker to earn the money to pay his sister's hospital bills or does he work for them because they take care of her needs in trade for his skills?

I know which makes more sense in my mind but was this ever explained anywhere? Does anyone have any thoughts on it?
4:56 pm
hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome to the "WK No Prize" community!

You may have noticed I have a tendency to discuss the minutae of Weiss Kreuz. I've been caught discussing
* weaponry: what gauge wire does Yohji use in his watch?
* floor plans: how many bathrooms in the Koneko, or were there four self-contained suites?
* sleeping arrangements: how did Weiss bunk in the van in the Crime/Punishment OAVs?
* organizations: was Rosenkreuz an offshoot of Eszett or an independent entity?

If you've pondered these topics or others like them, please join. It's recognized by most Weiss Kreuz fan that ours is a fandom where canon is rife with errors: why not try to explain them away? Sure, Aya and Ken don't need to reload their weapons, but has anyone caught Omi or Yohji doing that? (ainbthen did!) Or want to try to explain how the various cabinets in the OAVs' van rearranged to form bunks? Or do you think futons were rolled out each night?

Curious yet? If you don't feel like sharing a "why the heck does..." topic or proposing an explanation yet, why not lurk for a bit?

Oh, and the name is explained on the user information page, along with the two rules so far:
1) one topic/issue per post, please (but post as often as you like)
2) no wanking - I'll be moderating membership initially

Thanks to chainedinbeads for the nudge to start this and paxnirvana for showing me others do remember and know what a "No Prize" is.
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